‘Malopolska’s Virtual Museums’ is an innovative project whose aim is to digitalize the finest and most valuable items of cultural heritage from 35 museums in the Malopolska region. To make it possible, a specialist Regional Digitalization Centre will be established under the project. Over 500 exhibits will be virtualized as three-dimensional presentations on a specially set-up portal by means of state-of-the-art technology. Due to the interactive and visually attractive mode of exhibition, Malopolska’s museum exhibits will have a chance to reach a wider audience. It will not only be possible to learn about their rich history but also see them up close and rotate them; without fear of breaking them or breaching the museum etiquette.

A vital part of the project will be to designate thematic trails, and to compile unique collections and exhibitions, whose organization would either be extremely difficult or downright impossible in reality.

One of the main tasks of the portal will be to involve viewers in interaction with the visual material in front of them through games, quizzes, and museum lessons. We hope that by placing the recipient in the centre of our attention, our website will exemplify a modern approach to museology.

The Malopolska Institute of Culture has been implementing the project since June 2010, in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Information Society in the Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska Province on the strength of an agreement with 35 museums in Malopolska.

project website

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