The Peasant School of Business

Inspired by the unusual history of the town of Andrychów in Malopolska, ‘Peasant School of Business,’ is a board game, which, through its attractive form of learning in action, develops social competences and promotes entrepreneurship. The interesting and engaging form of the game enables players to better understand contemporary market forces (including supply and demand, competition, commercial companies, and economic clusters).

The main task for each player is to accumulate capital. Success relies not only on the ability to manage the accumulated resources but also to cooperate with other players. Taking the roles of weavers, smiths, and bakers, the players participate in a simulation of real-life market mechanisms by manufacturing and trading with other players at fairs, and accumulating goods necessary to set out on trading expeditions to selected cities in Europe. The game is set against the backdrop of the social and economic history of the 18th century town of Andrychów, while the board is a map of Europe which features the cities where trading carts carrying linen from Andrychów went. The game may be played by twelve to thirty players, aged 12 and over; supervised by a moderator – a teacher, group animator, or guardian.

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