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We are a local government institution.

We try to look after culture in the long term.

We participate in culture in Małopolska, we look at it closely, we help its advocates,
we promote it and we co-create it. We support, investigate and suggest.

Culture is the most important thing for us. Why?
Because we deeply believe that culture does wonders.

Heritage promotion

We are fascinated with the cultural heritage of Małopolska. We treat it as a source of inspiration and a very important element in building the identity that influences who we are.

We share our passion with the audience by creating thematic routes to discover the region’s abundance and diversity in the real and virtual space. We discover new and little-known areas. We try to present those known ones in surprising contexts. We seek to update and revitalise the cultural resources of Małopolska and as a result to increase its significance for its habitants and make it more attractive for tourists visiting the province.

People of culture

We support the development of people of culture: animators, librarians, members of cultural societies and informal groups, educators and teachers, museum workers, friends of the cultural and natural heritage as well as employees of cultural institutions.
We believe that culture is alive in dialogue and action. Therefore, we are open to conversations and ready to accompany people of culture on their way to progress, both individual and team.

Research and analyses

We believe that high quality diagnoses are good for perfecting and energising activities and are the basis for building the strategy of developing culture in the region. Therefore, we carry out long-term
research projects, we diagnose the situation in culture, we evaluate and organise participation processes.
We cooperate with many research centres across the country. We have conducted projects for the
Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Library Development Programme, the City of Kraków,
the National Centre for Culture and others. All our activities took place thanks to meeting with people whose goal is to discover culture and use their knowledge in practice.

Malopolska’s Virtual Museums

‘Malopolska’s Virtual Museums’ is an innovative project whose aim is to digitalize the finest and most valuable items of cultural heritage from 35 museums in the Malopolska region. To make it possible, a specialist Regional Digitalization Centre will be established under the project. Over 500 exhibits will be virtualized as three-dimensional presentations on a specially

10 January 2019

The Peasant School of Business

Inspired by the unusual history of the town of Andrychów in Malopolska, ‘Peasant School of Business,’ is a board game, which, through its attractive form of learning in action, develops social competences and promotes entrepreneurship. The interesting and engaging form of the game enables players to better understand contemporary market forces (including supply and demand,

10 January 2019


‘Autoportret’ is a programme which grew out of our conviction that space is culture; that it exerts influence on us. The discovery of the potential hidden in the space around us enables us to consciously transform the environment where we live. So when we look after the space around us we create our self-portrait –

10 January 2019

The Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage

The Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage are one of the major annual events that show and promote the cultural diversity of Malopolska. For two weekends in May, every year, it is possible to visit, free of charge, over ten selected sites, using materials prepared especially for that purpose, and to learn about the region’s past

10 January 2019


International Conference „Cultural Education Policies in Europe” took place on March 22nd 2018 in Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA in cooperation with European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO).

10 January 2019

Malopolska TO GO

Website full of ideas for one-day trips around Malopolska. We invite you to hit the road and discover the region – pack your backpack, take Malopolska To Go and feel free to travel.

10 January 2019


For several years, the Malopolska Institute of Culture in Krakow initiates and implements educational and cultural activities. Project “Synapsy. Education and Culture” emerged from the reflections resulting from our own experience (i.e. a three-year pilot edition of the cultural education development programme in Malopolska “Synapsy” implemented within the Very Young Culture programme in 2016-2018) and

10 January 2019

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