Malopolska: Land of Many Cultures

The programme, ‘Malopolska: Land of Many Cultures’ promotes the cultural and ethnic variety of the region and initiates active forms of dialogue between cultures. It is intended primarily for schools and local government officials. Each edition of the programme is devoted to a different national or ethnic minority in Malopolska. So far, we have carried out two editions devoted to the Romani people, a Slovakian edition, and a Hungarian one.

Each edition is comprised of workshops for teachers, a multimedia presentation for schools, and educational materials. These elements are a starting point for each school to prepare, develop, and implement a scenario titled ‘How do I see you?’ At the end of the school year students first present the scenario to their schoolmates and then to the forum of schools participating in the programme.

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  • Malopolski Instytut Kultury
    ul. 28 lipca 1943 17c
    30-233 Kraków

    Monday - Friday
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