Autoportret’ is a programme which grew out of our conviction that space is culture; that it exerts influence on us. The discovery of the potential hidden in the space around us enables us to consciously transform the environment where we live. So when we look after the space around us we create our self-portrait – our autoportret. The ‘Autoportret’ programme comprises of: Autoportret quarterly- a magazine on ‘Good Space’ (in the market since 2002) and ‘Autoportret. Debates’.

Autoportret. A Magazine on Good Space’ is a magazine which promotes reflection about space as a cultural phenomenon. It presents theoretical reflections on various areas of knowledge, non-obvious contexts, and positive solutions. The Autoportret magazine is aimed at everybody, not only professionals.
The following issues are also available in English, with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund:
Identity after ’89
Imagining Nations
Death in Central Europe

Autoportret. Debates
The ‘Autoportret. Debates’ programme aims to elaborate on a new method of social participation in the field of creating public space. The method consists of creating efficient communication tools between residents who want to exert influence on the development of their surroundings, local authorities responsible for investments, and architects – authors of design.

The method of social debates on the development of public space makes it possible for:
• residents – to participate in shaping it in a different way than merely by criticizing the designs which do not match the interested parties’ expectations
• architects – to enter into a dialogue with the direct recipients of their work
• local authorities – to obtain clear communication from residents’ expectations regarding their immediate surroundings, before specific decisions on investments are taken

Each respective debate planned in the project is treated as both a real participation of residents in responsible planning of their immediate surroundings, and as a stage in the elaboration of the method which complements the already existing participation procedures used by local governments (such as submitting residents’ comments in the Urban Planning Bureau). Each debate ends in a report for the local authorities, which is intended by the organizers as the residents’ voice in the process of preparation of the local land development plan. The reports compiled, so far, include the report on the development of the green between the Nowohuckie Culture Centre and Centrum E in Nowa Huta, and the report on the development of the green between the Lipska Housing Estate and Mały Płaszów Street.

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