The InHerit project wants to create and provide in-service training material and deliver IST courses on heritage interpretation to build heritage staff capacity for delivering czytaj więcej

5 March 2014

Malopolska Region Days

As the capital of Europe, Brussels has an unusual community. There are both native Belgians and thousands of employees of international institutions, who come together czytaj więcej

27 August 2012

Malopolska’s Virtual Museums

‘Malopolska’s Virtual Museums’ is an innovative project whose aim is to digitalize the finest and most valuable items of cultural heritage from 35 museums in czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

The Peasant School of Business

Inspired by the unusual history of the town of Andrychów in Malopolska, ‘Peasant School of Business,’ is a board game, which, through its attractive form czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

Treasures of Malopolska

‘Treasures of Malopolska’ is a competition addressed to lower secondary school students and teachers, and to culture animators. It consists of two categories. Teachers are czytaj więcej

21 August 2012


‘Autoportret’ is a programme which grew out of our conviction that space is culture; that it exerts influence on us. The discovery of the potential czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

Dilettante – Theatre in Motion

‘Dilettante – Theatre in Motion’ is a long-term art education programme with a strong social bias carried out by actors, educationalists, and theatre experts. Its czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

Be Active: Do It for Yourself

The programme, ‘Be Active: Do It for Yourself’ aims to raise the qualifications of the staff for local institutions of culture, and to cooperate in czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

Exhibition Dynamics

The Dynamics of Exhibition is a programme addressed to museums in Malopolska. It involves our organization of workshops and cooperation with museums in the arrangement czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

The Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage

The Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage are one of the major annual events that show and promote the cultural diversity of Malopolska. For two weekends czytaj więcej

21 August 2012

Malopolska: Land of Many Cultures

The programme, ‘Malopolska: Land of Many Cultures’ promotes the cultural and ethnic variety of the region and initiates active forms of dialogue between cultures. It czytaj więcej

20 August 2012

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